Education Quality Assurance Agency


In accordance with the presidential decree of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated December 29, 2019, Accreditation and Nostrification Department was reorganized under the name of Education Quality Assurance Agency as a public legal entity under the Ministry of Education.

Main goal of the Education Quality Assurance Agency is to develop an effective quality assurance system in the Republic of Azerbaijan, to establish a leading education system among other countries in terms of quality outcomes and comprehensiveness, as well as to support competitive professionals with up to date knowledge, skills, competencies and experiences.

Main directions of the Agency’s activity are as follows:

  • to carry out accreditation process of educational institutions;
  • to implement validation of foreign educational documents and equivalence of qualifications (nostrification);
  • to evaluate and recognize knowledge, skills, abilities and experiences gained through informal and non-formal learning on vocational education;
  • to develop recommendations and trainings for the implementation of accreditation of educational institutions;
  • to provide consulting and methodological support services for the establishment and development of internal quality assurance systems in educational institutions;
  • to promote sustainable development of the education system and state standards in this regards, as well as to boost the reputation of educational institutions and quality of specialist trainings;
  • to participate in the review of licensing of educational activities;
  • to study and apply the best international practices in the relevant field.