1. Electronic application (only via );
  2. Graduation certificate [diploma] (original copy and notarized translation into Azerbaijani) [Sample];
  3. Bachelor’s diploma supplement which includes the list of subjects studied, their volume, final grades, experience, course and dissertation results, and other indicators related to learning process [transcript] (original copy and notarized translation into Azerbaijani) [Sample];
  4. Electronic copy of national identification card [scanned] (for foreigners – permanent/temporary residence permit) [Sample];
  5. Electronic copy of passport with main page and all the stamped pages [scanned] [Sample];
  6. Electronic copy of certificate of military card or military registration [scanned] [Sample].


In special cases – Information on transfer.

In case of transfer – electronic copy of official reference letter on inter-institution or intra-institution transfer during the study period [scanned] is required. [Sample]


In special cases – Admission via vocational Graduation certificate [diploma].

In case of admission to Bachelor’s degree via vocational Graduation certificate [diploma] – electronic copy of the vocational graduation certificate [diploma] [scanned] is required.


ATTENTION! Documents which are mentioned in paragraphs 2 and 3 must be legalized in the country of origin before submission of application. More information.


ATTENTION! All the documents must be sent via electronic application. E-mail, letter or personally submitted documents will not be accepted. Submitting documents outside of the electronic application may cause delays in processing your application.


ATTENTION! Each required document must be uploaded in PDF format, with a maximum size of 5 MB.


Sample documents